Onam Quiz, Onam Quiz Question, Onam Quiz PDF and PPT

By | June 15, 2018

The Onam Kerala State Festival is one of the greatest events in India. But do you know about this festival? Onam festival related the quiz question answer given below, Test your knowledge or Gk on the quiz of Onam.

Onam Quiz, Onam Quiz Question, Onam Quiz PDF and PPT

1. Who is the great-grandson of Hiranyakshipu?
a) Virochana
b) Prahlada
c) Banasura
d) Mahabali

2. Onam festivals are celebrated in which month?
a) Vrischikam
b) Chingam
c) Kanni
d) Thulam

3. Which king is related with Onam?
a) Pulakesi II
b) Raja Raja
c) Mahabali
d) Krishnadevaraya

4. What is the main important day of Onam?
A) Visakam
B) Thiruvonam
C) Pooradam
D) Thriketa

5. Who is the grandson of Prahlada?
a) Hiranyakshipu
b) Prahlada
c) Virochana
d) Mahabali

Onam Quiz 6 to 23

Onam Quiz

6. Where in the Vamanamoorthy temple is located?
a) Thrikkakara
b) Thalacode
c) Thekke Kidangoor
d) Thekkumbhagom

7. Who is a son of Virochana?
a) Raja Raja
b) Mahabali
c) Virochana
d) Krishnadevaraya

8. Which day is start the Pookalam design
a) Thriketa
b) Uthradom
c) Atham
d) Pooradam

9. Where is Pampa River?
A) Andhra
B) Karnataka
C) Tamilnadu
D) Kerala

10. Who is Prahlada, son?
a) Virochana
b) Hiranyakashipu
c) Vishnu
d) Mavali

11. What is the second day of the Onam festival?
a) Atham
b) Chithira
c) Chodhi
d) Visakam

12. Who is Onathappan?
a) Vamana
b) Mahabhali
c) Pragalada
d) Maveli

13.Who is Thrikkara Appan?
a) Mavali
b) Lord Vishnu
c) Virochana
d) Siva

14. Where does the famous water festival take place during Onam?
a) Aruvappulam
b) Athikkayam
c) Ayiroor,
d) Aranmula

15. What is the Name of third-day Onam celebration
a) Moolam
b) Uthradam
c) Chodhi
d) Thiruvonam

Onam Festival Quiz Question

16. What is the flower ornament made during Onam called?
a) Kolam
b) Muggulu
c) Pookalam
d) Simple kolam

17. What is the main language of Kerala?
a) Kanada
b) Malayalam
c) Tamil
d) Telugu

18. Which place is associated with the famous Athachamayam?
a) Thuravoor
b) Thuruthipuram
c) Thuthiyoor
d) Thripunithura

19. Who was the grandfather of Mahabali?
a) Hiranyakshipu
b) Prahlada
c) Pulakesi
d) Virochana

20. What is the popular dance of Kerala?
a) Dollu Kunitha
b) Butta Bommalu
c) Kathakali
d) Mayil Attam

21. Which is famous snake boat competitions in Kerala?
a) Champakulam Moolam Boat Race
b) Aranmula Boat Race
c) The Nehru Trophy Boat Race
d) All of the above

22. What is the Name of Fifth day Onam celebration?
a) Chithira
b) Chodhi
c) Visakam
d) Anizham

23. The oldest riverboat fiesta in Kerala?
a) Champakkulam Moolam Boat Race
b) Aranmula Boat Race
c) Payippad Boat Race
d) Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Onam Quiz question Answer, Onam GK,

24. Clap-dance performed by women during the Onam festival day?
a. Kathakali
b. Mohinidance
c. KaikottiKali
d. Bharatham

25. Aranmula famous for the snake boat race?
a. True
b. False

26. King Ravanan is related with Onam festival?
a. True
b. False

27. Is banana fruit the common item in Onsadhya?
a. True
B. False

28. Why do Kerala people celebrate the Thiruonam festival?
A. New Year
B. Enjoyment
C. remember the golden era of kKingMahabali
D. the year-end

29. White Colour of the flower used to put pookalam on the first day of Atham?
A. True
B. False

30. Chingam month Onam festival is celebrated?
A. True
B. False

31. The Kerala Onam celebrations in Kerala last for 6 days?
A. True
B. False

32. Onam Ashamsakal meaning?
A. Happy Onam
B. Happy Onam Wishes
C. All
d. Ashamsakal -Wishes

33.How to celebrate onam festival write shot note in malayam?

34. Write Onam related word in twenty

35. write 2019 onam quiz with answer in malayalm


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