How to Draw Onam Pookalam Designs Easily

By | June 8, 2018

The design made with flowers is called Pookalam, it is also known as Athapoo or Atha Pookalam or Onam Pookalam. A simple Onam Pookalam design created during the day of Atham. Pookalam gets more layers outline on the day of Thiruvonam, Thiruonam is a very most important day of Onam Festival. Especially, most of the Pookalam designed in round pattern, Drawing of Pookalam is traditional art, a different type of colorful flowers and flower petals are used to create a Pookalam design.

How to Draw Onam Pookalam

How to Draw onam Pookalam

You first Draw your design in blank paper or computer
The draft very essential for creating a Pookalam
Drawing  used to reveal a creativity
Using a Pencil or chalk well for drawing Pookalam
After Drawing the design on the paper the next step is to fill the color
Give your custom colors, using a color pencil or rangoli color lime powder
Draw Pookalam in this way is very easy for you.
Although, if you like to make Pookalam outline very quickly and easily
The very simple method, I use PowerPoint
It is very simple for organizing and structure your drawing Pookalam,
It is very useful to draw a perfect and balanced arrangement design.

How to Draw onam Pookalam

How to Draw Onam Pookalam Step by Step

When the design is ready on the sheet, the next trial is to create again to the same design on the house Floor. since

I can use small size rope, mix with chalk powder or big size color Pencil, for drawing the design on the floor. Note the main point, the dimension of each part of design should be the same, that good.

After finishing the floor design Drawing, the next important Step is to decorate the design.

Various types of flowers and flower petals used to Make Pookalam. You can purchase flowers or use the flowers available in your garden. Select the bright color flower, that well.

how to draw pookalam design

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How to Draw onam Pookalam

how to draw pookalam

Drawing Pookalam reconnect to our cultural tradition and Feel motivated, Create a new design, Free stress, Have fun, importantly welcome the Onam king Mahabali.