About Pongal Festival in English

By | October 18, 2018

Pongal an auspicious day of Tamil people, its other name harvest festival and Thanksgiving day, Tamil farmers pray to Sun, nature, and animal, especially Tamilnadu people only celebrate Mattu Pongal because of thanks to the livestock
Thai carnival celebrated all over India but has various names in each state, Pongal festival as Sankranthi in Kanata and Andhra Pradesh, Pongal games are very popular in Madurai
Pongal day celebrated every year and marked for four days from Jan fourteenth to seventeen, since, Thai Pongal celebrated on the fifteenth of January this year

About Bhogi day:-
Bhogi festival day people to washing the house and collect unwanted items thrown into the fire. This day indicates going of bad habits, People decorate their homes and beautify the entrance with Pongal rongoliKolam, Bhogi festival in honor of god Indra

About pongal – festival in English

About Thai Pongal festival:-
Pongal festival celebrated by Tamilnadu people, the word Pongal means overflow During the Pongal day fresh rice cooked in a soil pot or vessel. When it rises to overflow out of the vessel, women shout pongalo Pongal and also puja place decorate with vegetable, mango, turmeric leaves, banana, coconut etc. the Pongal dish, which offered to the sun
This occasion honors the sun god, Surya, for providing enough warmth and energy for a prosperous harvest, Pongal dish, which is offered to the sun

About Mattu Pongal:-
Mattu Pongal dedicated to the worship of cows, they give primary help to farmers in the fields. The traditional sport of jallikattu (a type of game) is an integral part of the Pongal day and takes place in villages across all over Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu traditional game for tamilan celebrated during on Mattu Pongal day

About Kanum Pongal:-
On this day, people travel to see other family members or relation and some people go to temple to worship and thank god for all the good things that offered on them.

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