Simple Pookalam Designs for Onam Festival 2018

By | May 29, 2018

Onam Pookalam designs, a colorful combination of flower set on the carpet. First, kids go to collect flowers for Pookalam designs. Kids get up early in the morning and gather flowers in their small container from the village nurseries. Today’s the trend has reversed and people have the option of purchasing flowers from the local market, pattern, and color of their choice. Besides that, Pookalam competition, organized by societies or associations all over the state on the day of Onam, as a result, The huge reward is also kept in these contests as they have turned up to be extremely competitive performances. The designs are created to welcome the King Mahabali who used to rule this state a long time back, therefore, people would like to greet him with a floral carpet design at their home gates.

Onam celebrated at the beginning of the month of Chingam, the first month of Malayalam Calendar. Old Onapookalam created in ten bands, which stand for the ten days duration of the festival. Today’s Onapookalam has evolved away from this faith in shape externally ten rings, but all Onapookalam flower patterns are yet still in a circular decoration. Peoples, prepare the Pookalam sketches first on paper or pc then execute it on the ground floor. Drawing is itself an attractive and joyful event and a teamwork it improves to form a feeling of friendship and goodwill amongst the people. Click through to view some beautifully simple and small Athapookalam designs.

Simple Pookalam Designs

simple pookalam designs onam

simple floral carpet designs

simple pookalam design

 flower star Carpet Athapookalam

simple pookalam designs

 Pookalam  images

simple pookalam designs

 Pookalam Sketches simple

simple pookalam designs

simple Pookalam Designs for Kids


simple pookalam designs

Pookalam Outline

simple pookalam designs

very Simple Pookalam designs

simple pookalam designs


Onam Simple Pookalam Design

simple pookalam design

Simple and easy Athapookalam Designs

simple pookalam designs


Best Pookalam Simple Designs For Onam Festival

Furthermore, a simple flower rangoli Pookalam design done with very simple flowers like pitch poo and flower leaves with few other colorful flowers.

Pookalam simple flower

You Need furthermore Simple Pookalm Design 2018 visit below the site

simple pookalam design,Onam Pookalam Designs


Best Onam Pookalam Designs

Furthermore, see the below address

Simple floral pookalam design, Onam Pookalam Designs

Simple floral pookalam design

Hence, Onam simple pookalam is one of the signs of the Onam festival 2018. Fundamentally, a pookalam simple is an artwork built with a lot of flower patterns. therefore, visit more Best Onam Pookalam Designs here

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