Onam 2019: Pookalam Designs for Onam Competitions

By | May 28, 2018

The harvest celebration of Onam continues for 10 days and makes out the best of Kerala culture and tradition, beautifully decorated Pookalam designs, Sadya, Vallamkali, Onam dance and  Onam competitions are some of the most extraordinary fun of Onam. beside it, Onam Pookalam Competition Kerala for the joy and happiness of the Onam holiday. see below very simple and beautiful Pookalam designs for Onam competition 2018.

Pookalam Competitions

The Pookalam Designs are an alternative to the Rangoli designs made of beautiful flowers. Throughout the state of Kerala, Pookalam Competitions are a common occurrence on Onam festival 2018. here, we have a collection of  Onam Pookalam designs particularly for Onam Pookalam Competition, take your designs for the competitions, besides it, Change the design for your imagination.

Pookalam competitions for Onam Festival 2018

simple Pookalam designs for Onam Competitions

The pookalam create on the first day of Onam, which is known as the Atham Day. Commonly, the design on the first day simple designs and mostly yellow flower used to form a flowering design.

pookalam competitions kerala,

Best Pookalam Designs for Onam Competitions

Pookalam consists of pair words (poo) meaning flower and then (kalam) mean color drawings on the area. reflected favorable to prepare the best designs.

pookalam designs for onam competitions,


flower carpet designs competition

Athapoo and Rangoli design attractive drawings made using flowers with creation, a part of virtually all kind of festivals everywhere.

pookalam competition designs

Pookalam competition designs

onam Pookalam designs for Competition with a Theme, and

Several of the participants have performed great efforts to create a small Athapookalam design.

best onam competitions Pookalam designs


People think the spirit of their great King Mahabali visits Kerala at the time of Onam. Besides that, offering several other arrangements and particularly girls make fancy Pookalam competitions design to welcome their most liked King.

Thiruvonam, one of the most significant days of Onam festival and also the Pookalam Designs for Onam competitions on this day, the greatest compared to the ones created on other days of Onam.