Pongal essay, short essay on pongal festival

By | November 12, 2018

Pongal essay, short essay on pongal festival

Pongal essay, short essay on pongal festival

The most famous month in Tamilnadu ‘Thai’, THAI PIRANTHAL VALI PIRAKKUM believe in the Tamil people, Pongal celebrated on this month, praise it with high thankful of the Sun, plants, and God Surya

Pongal, a short piece of writing people Expression say of appreciation who plays a significant role in agriculture crops field, Agriculture is one of the most important, once a year, Tamil people thanked everything that represents the Pongal day.

short sentence About Pongal Festival Celebration

Bhogi Pongal:
The worthless objects are lit on fire and thus bringing in new wealth and success, the removal of unwanted items in the house and the walls are freshly painted, design with yellow flowers, turmeric, and mango leaves, bhogi celebrated during Makar Sankranti, According to the English calendar

Thai Pongal Festival essay on short

the initial day of the Tamil Month ( Thai) so it called as Thai Pongal, people make Pongal kolam at the entrance of houses early in the morning after main special celebration performed where new rice boiled in the new pot than pot Pongal, sugarcane, fresh vegetable, coconut, banana offering to the sun god

Mattu Pongal:
Tamil farmer expresses his happiness of a fresh harvest. The happiness is shared in the form of food and sweets

kaanum pongal festival:
the end of the celebrations and on this day ladies ask the blessings of their brothers, all relatives get together on this day or relatives go home

Pongal EssayPongal it also called harvest festival, thanks day,farmers day, etc Pongal celebrations are named as bhogi, Thai thirunal, Mattu Pongal(cattle Pongal), kaanum Pongal
Thai carnival celebrated all over India but has various names in each state, Pongal festival as Sankranthi in Kanata and Andhra Pradesh, Pongal games are very popular in Madurai district in Tamilnadu. More detailed information about Pongal festival essay see this blue color short link

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